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Study French and Taste Wines with France Langue !

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Simona Sovič
Published: December 19, 2019
France Langue has been teaching French to foreigners for more than 40 years. We are welcoming more and more students in our 7 schools throughout France and even in our Caribbean island of Martinique ! five people standing in front of a winyard We are proposing many various programes in our different schools, from Fashion & Make-up in Paris, to Tennis in Nice, Surf in Biarritz, Gastronomy in Lyon, Kitesurf in Martinique and Wine in Bordeaux : the famous city known worldwide for its amazing wines. France Langue Bordeaux organizes a special program for our wine lovers : a 15h per week French class in the morning and « Culture, Gastronomy & Wine » sessions in the afternoon. This is the perfect program for those who want to both come to France to learn more about the language, the culture, the history and to taste some of the finest wines of the world. Before you come to our school, you will need to do a writing test and an oral test upon your arrival to make sure we are asigning the best class for you : that’s why your level and the objective you have are very important. There are maximum 12 students per class, allowing everyone to have time to speak.  Our pedagogy at France Langue is to make you able to communicate in French in different situations : in the street, at the restaurant, in shops, with different people, etc. Of course grammar, and vocabulary are important but we are more focusing on how to read, write, talk and understand – the four skills of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - and this way you are learning the French grammar and vocabulary with a real purpose. We are working with authentic documents (texts, video, audio, …) to make your learning very concrete. The oral communication is at the center of our pedagogy. As soon as you leave the class, you can use what you have just learned and this is very motivating. In the afternoon, we take you to our Gastronomy and Wine session through the city and in the region for a walking tour to discover the architecture of the city, its history, taste some specialties, meet people talking about their passion for food and wine. This is a good way to use your French to communicate with local people. France is the country of wines but also the country of pastries. We will take you to a pastry workshop where you can learn the basics of the best French desserts. You will be taught how to make and bake them, get some recipes and of course, you will be able to eat them ! After eating the macaroons, the canelés or the lemon tarts, you will be happy to go on a excursion to the vineyards of Bordeaux and its region and visit the most famous castles. This is another place to taste some wines right next to the vineyards, with wine makers, cellar masters and passionate experts. If you need another reason to come, did you know that Bordeaux has its whole city center protected as UNESCO international heritage ? This is unique in France and there are only a few cities like that in the world. France langue teaching about wine More info about this program : Follow us on Facebook : Contact us : [email protected]  
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Simona Sovič
Wine & Food Enthusiast. Always ready to explore new places & wines :)

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