Orange wine – something new

Orange wine – something new

Wine tasting

Join us at a Wine Tasting in Ljubljana or Wine Tasting in Bled, where you can try some of the best Slovenian wines in the 300-year-old wine cellar.

You know that you are in the land of wine lovers when you discover that the Slovenian national anthem is actually a toast. A nation that is so enthusiastic about its wine must be educated in this direction and as much as possible know about good wine.

You will taste seven excellent Slovene wines from different regions and you will find many interesting wine facts along the way. They will offer you delicious appetizers, and our wine expert will tell you everything you can know about Slovenian wine from different wine regions, along with interesting wine stories and facts.

Among the wines that are presented at the tasting are also served orange wine.

Although this is not a new invention, orange wine is becoming very popular among wine lovers. In fact, it is a white wine that is produced by the procedure for red wine. It has a special and unexpected taste and is perfect with delicious appetizers served as “food pairing”. Again, wine lovers want to try something new, different, and more different from orange!

With this interactive tasting, we will make sure that you have fun playing and challenging. In the end, you will receive a certificate for the Ambassador of Slovene Wines, which will officially entitle you to a glass of wine per day, without guilt. Cheers!

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