Wine Tasting Ljubljana

Wine Tasting Ljubljana

Get introduced to Slovenian wines the right way



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Wine World

  • Taste 7 Slovenian wines of the highest quality from all three winegrowing regions
  • Learn about Slovenia’s winemaking tradition and experience its excellence with every drop
  • Enjoy the lovely ambient of an ancient wine cellar and snack on delicious appetizers
  • Mingle with other wine tasters, create special memories and have a fantastic time

FAQ & Gallery

Glass of

white or red?

A: What is Wine Tasting?
Q: It’s an all-inclusive wine-tasting experience in the centre of the most beautiful European capital.

Q: Who is this tasting for?
A: Anyone. Our Wine Tasting is perfect for both novice and expert wine tasters. The only thing that’s required is the desire to relax, drink some wine, and enjoy the ride.

Q: In what way is this Wine Tasting unique?
A: It’s the best way to taste high quality wines from all three winegrowing regions of Slovenia. Expert sommelier knowledge and fun socialising included.

Offer & Signup

Neverending variety of

Slovenian wines

The offer

  • 7 TOP Slovenian wines
  • Delicious appetizers
  • Presented by wine expert
  • Certificate for becoming an ambassador of Slovenian wines
  • Souvenir

39€ / person

  • 2 hour Wine Tasting starts every day at 5 pm
  • Sign up is required to reserve your spot.
  • The tasting is conducted in English.
  • Contact us for private groups.
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Dvorni bar, Dvorni Trg 2, 1000 Ljubljana

We operate also in Bled. Check out Wine Tasting Bled >


Karl G.

Highly recommended, try to do it at the beginning of your stay, then you will have a better idea of what wines to order in the local restaurants.


Nicklas M.

If you want passion and a great atmosphere, and try a really varied assortment of what Slovenia has to offer – this is it.


Valentina A.

I am so happy I did this. Boris was very informative and you could see his passion for wine.


Aidan M.

Boris is a great laugh and really knowledgeable about Slovenian wines. The group got on great and we all had a laugh.

Tasting you'll never forget!

Join us for an unforgettable top rated Wine Tasting in Ljubljana!

Facts about

Slovenia and Wine

  • Record Slovenian harvest at the Decanter 2018 brought Slovenia 3 Platinum and 4 gold awards!
  • There is a vineyard or a winery on every 70 people in Slovenia and we consume 94% of wine we produce.
  • The City of Ljubljana has its own vineyard. The Castle Vine grows next to the dungeon at the Ljubljana Castle. The Castle Vineyard
    has 1050 vines.
  • Wine plays such an important role in our culture that our national anthem is actually a toast.
  • We are located on the 46th parallel like some of the best wine producing regions in the world – Napa Valley, Bordeaux…
  • Ljubljana is the first city in the world to host international wine evaluations.