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Get to know the team behind Wine Tasting Ljubljana and meet the people who are making your wine experience in the capital of Slovenia unforgettable.

Meet the team

The team behind the wine tastings and wine adventures! We are all bound by our love for wine and are always doing our best to give you the bestest of our small Slovenian wine world – although small by size, you will taste the greatness of it in every single glass of wine! 🙂


As the manager, Simona is likely your first point of contact when entering our world of wine tastings & tours. Her primary goal is to ensure everything runs seamlessly. A fervent wine enthusiast, Simona may not yet hold a sommelier degree, but she is undoubtedly a wine expert at heart. 🍷


Don’t underestimate Tina, our youngest team member! Her exceptional wine knowledge will captivate you, as will her enchanting storytelling, always delivered with a radiant smile. Sit back, relax, and prepare to fall in love with each wine she presents. 🥂


Affectionately known as the king of wine and people’s hearts, Boris’s reputation precedes him. With countless rave reviews online, a single sentence wouldn’t suffice to describe his charm. Boris is a passionate, engaging wine lover and expert who can entertain you with his knowledge of both Slovene and international wines. Couple that with his witty humor and you definitely won’t leave thirsty. 🍇

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