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The Secret of the Orange Tradition

What is orange wine? Orange wine is not a rosé or wine made of oranges, as someone may think. It is in fact a white wine made with a process for red wines. Around the world, and even in Slovenia, this is actually an old process of producing white wines, although its global popularity among

New Year’s Eve Wine Tasting in Ljubljana

Before entering into the New Year, enjoy an unforgettable gala experience in Wine Tasting. On 31st of December, from 4 pm to 6 pm, you are invited to a 300-year-old wine cellar at Dvorni bar, where we prepared a special tasting of Slovenian wines from different wine regions for 25 persons.

6 Most Important Wine Holidays in Slovenia

Wine needs to celebrate holidays too. Not to rest of course but to give us all an excuse to have some. Here are some of the most important wine holidays in Slovenia and it’s surrounding areas.

5 Must Know Facts About Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wines are an immensely popular drink. They are the top choice for all sorts of celebrations, birthday parties, business events and romantic dinners. Their history is long and there is a lot of choice available when it comes to ordering or purchasing them. By the way, if you need emergency cash for the purchasing,

9 Main Styles of Wine and How They Are Made

Wine has a lot to do with style. Before each harvest, winemakers have to decide which direction they are going to take in order to produce their preferred drink. Below is a list of the most important styles of wine, resulting from a number of different production techniques.

10 Slovenian Wines You Have to Try

Tasting Slovenian wines for the first time, while being unfamiliar with our local wine producers and varieties, you may feel slightly unprepared to dive into the vast selection this country has to offer. To give you a heads up before you do, let’s have a look at some typical Slovenian wines.

Best Places For Tasting Slovenian Wines in Ljubljana

There are a number of charming little places in Ljubljana where you can relax and enjoy a good glass of wine. Ranging from bars and restaurants to more specialized wineries – the latter usually offering professional advice – there are plenty of options to choose from.

7 Tips for Choosing the right Wine for a Birthday Present

We all know that feeling when we’re trying to impress our best friend by bringing a selected bottle of wine to his or hers birthday party. First of all, you should be clear on whether your friend even likes wine, and is not perhaps a devoted beer or spirits lover.

Slovenia’s Native Wine Varieties

At the pinnacle of modern winemaking, wine producers are now turning back to the roots, reviving autochthonous wine varieties and traditional production methods. The globalization of grapes may have lead to a temporary decline of interest in the native species, but fortunately they were never completely forgotten.

10 Reasons Why You Have To Attend a Wine Tasting

As you’re strolling down the streets of Ljubljana, trying to get a sense of it’s local culture, you stop for a cup of coffee and think about what you should do next.