Top 7 Winery Destinations to Visit in Slovenia

If you're a fellow wine lover you already know them. These are the top destinations to visit a winery in Slovenia.
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Blog Published December 5, 2019
Edited April 26, 2024

Wines and traveling make for a great combination. Tours to wineries are a joy that every Oenophile cherishes. Having been popular in the wine industry, Slovenian vineyards and wineries become a perfect destination for people looking to spend their time tasting some very delicious liquor available.

1. Wine Tasting Ljubljana

Located in the capital of Slovenia, Dvorni Bar is a top destination for people who want to explore Slovenia and its wine. Here, you can get the best wine tasting experience with Wine Tasting Ljubljana. If wanting to know more about Slovenian wines is the target of your visits here, then this place will not disappoint you.

This is the place where you can find the most excellent wines made in Slovenia. Here you will get to meet the most elegant wine experts. These experts will guide you through some fascinating stories surrounding these wines and give you useful information about them. 

By the end of your tasting, you will have tasted the top wines in the country. Starting your Slovenia tour from here will also help you with choosing wines in the next restaurants you visit in the country. 

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2. Vinogradi Horvat, Maribor

Are you looking for a top wine tasting experience around the Maribor region? If yes, then Vinogradi Horvat is the answer you are searching for. Here, not only do you get to experience the best wines in the country, but you can also find the local cuisine that is close to the heart of Slovenia. 

The hospitality and perfect location make Horvart worth every second of the time that you spend there. People consider it as the ideal place to dine along with experiencing the best wines available there.

3. Vinakoper, Koper

Koper city has beautiful destinations to go to, and with wineries like that of Vinakoper, it becomes the option to check out. With an extensive collection to choose from, Vinakoper serves as the home to Slovenian wines.

From fruity to aromatic wines, this place offers all kinds of liquor that interest you. Like the Louis XIII Cognac is popular in France, there are some locally famous Slovenian wines here that you must try out. You can get a quick tour of the Vinakoper cellars, where you will come across some of these hidden gems.

Wine Tasting Ljubljana

4. Dveri Pax Winery, Jareninski Dol

Checking out the Dveri Pax Winery is something that we highly recommend when you’re in Slovene Hills. Having made its name amongst the award-winning wineries in the country, Dveri Pax brings the best of wines to the visitors. From Chardonnay to Pinot Noir, this place has everything to offer that you would want as a true wine-lover.

Dveri Pax has different guides to take you through the giant selection of wines that it has on display. Spending time to drink and eat at Dveri Pax Winery is a royal experience in itself. There are some amazing delicacies to try out at Dveri Pax, along with the wines that they have to offer.

5. Tilia Estate, Dobravlje

Vipava Valley in the Dobravjle region produces wines of a unique kind. The Winery Tilia Estate is very popular in Vipava Valley, where people go to taste their favorite wines that are freshly prepared. Tilia has been producing wines and other products in Dobravjle for years.

Pinots are one of the most loved products of Tilia Estate. Be it Pinot Gris or Pinot Noir; you can get your hands on the best Pinot wines here. It is a big place to explore, so we suggest you find a good time to go there as you are more likely to spend hours in that place. During your tour to Tilia, you will be received by friendly guides who will introduce you to some unique wines which you haven’t tasted before. 

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6. Doppler, Zgornja Kungota

You must visit the Doppler if you want to taste the most flavorsome wines in Slovenia. The wines at Doppler are rich in taste and it is amongst the best locations to have a glass of wine. Sparkling, red, white, oaked, or unoaked, you name the wine, and Doppler will have a glass of it for you to try.

Apart from the Wineries, the place is incredible to hang out too. Zgornja Kungota may be a small village in Slovenia, but it is also a beautiful place to visit. A tour here with your friends or loved ones will certainly create memories that you will always remember.

7. Lepa Vida Winery, Nova Gorica

Wine Tasting Ljubljana

Along the borders of Italy lies Nova Gorica which is home to Lepa Vida Winery in Western Slovenia. Known for its excellent Slovenian wines, this winery has a huge experience in the industry that goes way back to the ’late 80s. It has some top-shelf wines under its belt for its consumers. At this destination, the hosts treat you with some of the most amazing liquors you will ever have.

Having been in the industry for a long time, Lepa Vida not only offers you its selection of wines but also gives you a chance to know about the hard work that goes into wine-making and what it takes to become one of the most preferred Winery destinations in the country.

With so many wineries and vineyards in Slovenia, it is certainly a dream country to visit for the wine-lovers. So, make sure to check out these top winery destinations on your visit to Slovenia. The best way to visit local wineries with a guide is to join Wine Tours Slovenia. If you want to explore Slovenian wine regions on your own, rent a campervan with NestCampers.



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Top 7 Winery Destinations to Visit in Slovenia

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