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Top 5 Trending Slovenian Wines for Christmas

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Simona Sovič
Published: December 4, 2019
Christmas allows you to be with your loved ones and have what you can consider the best times of your life. The occasion gives you the chance to take time off your work, spend some moments with your loved ones, and enjoy the season with your friends.  As the Christmas night brings your friends and family close, it calls for the need to have an inviting dinner table in front of you and your guests to be part of the event and make it even more memorable. A top-quality Slovenian wine can make this experience possible, and this post highlights one of the best choices that you can go for. Check out the list below.  

1. Chardonnay

Wine Tasting Ljubljana Source Chardonnay is amongst the most popular white wines globally. There are all kinds of Chardonnay out there, ranging in taste, texture, price, and availability. You can try the oaked chardonnay if a high-end wine is on your list to serve this Christmas. Having delicious dishes like lobster and other sea-foods on the table is meant to be served with unoaked chardonnay white wines. The rich and tasty wines made of Chardonnay comes in different flavors of pineapple, vanilla, and butter. A bottle of Slovenian Chardonnay wines can make for a perfect drink alongside a savory Christmas night dinner. A bottle of Chardonnay is a must-have a drink that you should have in your cabinets to make the best out of moments.


Wine Tasting Ljubljana Source Red wine is a widespread preference among people in festivals, and Teran wine is a household name for it. The first thing that you notice after pouring yourself a glass of Teran wine is the pleasing aroma that it has, which will pull you towards it. It is a red wine that is thick in texture and has a gentle taste without any strong punch to it. The simplicity of its taste makes it a perfect choice to have while relaxing during your holidays. It makes for a worthwhile experience when you sit down to sip the dry Teran wine with your friends while enjoying their company. You can have it with a meal, or choose to drink it without any side snack. The flavors that this wine brings to you will keep you in a happy space and make conversations longer.          

3. Rebula

  Wine Tasting Ljubljana Rebula wine from Slovenia has a rather peculiar taste that no other wines can reach close to. The real taste of these wines is the most worthy of experiencing when tasting them during your wine tours at the places where they originate from. But getting an imported bottle from producers at your home is nevertheless a bad option either. Rebula is a white wine made for people who are looking to get a unique taste out of their drinks. We recommend you try the orange Slovenian wine if you are spending your Christmas along with your friends who are looking to try something new for the festival.  

4. Zelen

Wine Tasting Ljubljana Source Even if you are not big on wine, you will still like what Zelen has to offer. This white wine from Western Slovenia is so light, that you won’t realize when you are already a glass down. The grapes used to make this wine makes it taste fresh almost all the time. The Zelen wine makes for a perfect pairing with many dishes. You can have it with prawns and even with a grilled fish. This wine goes back to as old as a hundred years. The ever-growing popularity of Zelen makes it a go-to-choice during the celebrations.  

5. Sauvignon Blanc

Wine Tasting Ljubljana Sauvignon Blanc comes in several flavors ranging from lime to peach. Like most of the wines in this list, it has a distinct aroma that can fill a room and set the mood for the celebrations with your loved ones. With its acidity being a little higher than the normal, Sauvignon Blanc is a wine that is for the people who love the dry taste of their drinks.  It has some more varieties for people looking for a sweeter version of it. This wine goes well with Oysters on your plate. Various wine producers offer Sauvignon Blanc for different costs. It is easily available at different local and online stores.  Slovenian wines indeed have a lot to offer. A few sips of it are enough to make your guests comfortable and invoke a conversation while sipping on it. That said, these are not the only Slovenian wines that are worth your time, we suggest you also check out Predicate and Puro which are also worthy of being raised for a toast too.  Christmas is the time to be merry, and the wines in our list are sure to give you that. We wish you a pleasant holiday and a Happy Christmas!  
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Wine & Food Enthusiast. Always ready to explore new places & wines :)

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